Almost beatings on the committee: ‘Tell your mother’. Watch

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Knitted News14.12.21 13:56 Y. Tevet Tishpev

Almost beatings on the committee: 'Tell your mother'.  Watch

A heated confrontation in the Interior Committee.

In a discussion held on polling stations in illegal Bedouin localities, a confrontation broke out in the Interior Committee between the chairman of Jewish Power, MK Itamar Ben Gvir, and the committee’s chairman, MK Walid Taha of Ra’am.

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Ben Gvir asked for the right to speak in order to know the status of those localities, and why the chairman of the Interior Committee wants to place ballots in illegal places.

At this point, Taha sought to silence Ben Gvir, which led to a confrontation between him and committee chairman Walid Taha. Ben Gvir attacked Taha: “Racist, you do not allow Jews to speak in the Interior Committee.”

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Taha tried to silence MK Ben Gvir and tried to remove him from the debate. Ben Gvir did not give up and a quarrel almost broke out between him and the ushers.

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