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British researchers at the Institute for Communication Systems (Guildford, Surrey) hope to use sixth-generation (6G) technology to enable virtual teleportation. It’s not about the physical movement of objects, but about the ability to convey human feelings.

The study’s lead author, Professor Rahim Tafazolli, believes that this work, if all goes well, will make science fiction a science fact: “The first generations of cellular communications, up to the fifth, allowed us to use only two human senses – hearing and sight. Now we will add the remaining three to them – touch, smell and taste. “

The researchers joke that with the advent of the sixth generation of communications, their technology will put an end to face-to-face meetings in restaurants or offices. “Virtual teleportation” will allow negotiators to conduct light small talk, an obligatory part of important negotiations, being far from each other: it will be possible to evaluate and discuss the heavy bouquet of “Rioja” or the piquancy of tapas sauce.

The world has not yet started to fully operate the fifth generation communication network – there are individual operators in some countries. 6G is only at the beginning of its development, but if the new generation is as the developers describe it, communication will become much faster than 5G – up to terabits per second, signal lag will go down in history, and unmanned vehicles and the Internet of things will become commonplace.

But, says Professor Tafazolli, these disruptive technologies alone will not drive operators’ profitability skyrocketing. People will not perceive 6G as a revolution, but only as a logical development of what they already had. Therefore, the researcher is sure, humanity needs to be offered a fundamentally new toy that will change their lives.

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