Alon Musk exercised 2 million Tesla options – and immediately sold 934,000 of them

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The richest man in the world, Alon Musk literally options at Tesla







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: He exercised 2 million stock options at an exercise price of $ 6.2, and then sold 934,000 shares.

This is the fourth time that Musk has exercised options – Musk has already sold 943,000 shares through the exercise of options. Based on its previous operations, it appears that Musk will exercise 26 million options in 12 separate beats. In total, through pre-determined stock options and stock sales, Musk sold about $ 3.7 million worth $ 4 billion in 247 different trades.

As you may recall, last week Musk sold Tesla shares worth $ 6.9 billion from his mutual fund, after consulting with his Twitter followers whether to sell 10% of his total shares in the company. However, he needs to sell another $ 10-12 billion worth of shares to reach sales of 10% of his holdings in the company. According to published financial documents, it still holds more than 166 million shares in the company, amounting to $ 171.4 billion.

It is unclear whether Musk considers the sale of shares related to pre-determined options as part of the 10% he offered to sell, and Tesla of course chose not to comment on its CEO’s multiple sales.

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