Alone, isolated and unemployed: profile of the Ardea killer

A few hours after the Ardea shooting, a profile of the killer, Andrea Pignani, an unemployed computer engineer who in the late morning of today, Sunday 13 June, shot an old man and two siblings on the Roman coast. At least five shots were fired and the last one to himself to take his own life, when the police were about to break into his home, the house where he had barricaded himself immediately after escaping from the crime scene.

The killer was alone and had no friends

Andrea Pignani, 35, was the son of a security guard who died in November 2020. As reconstructed by the Carabinieri of the Operational Department of Rome and the Anzio company, the killer was an unemployed computer engineer. From the day of his father’s death, the service pistol it was gone. The young man’s mother confirmed to the military:“We haven’t been able to find it anymore.” Instead, it seems that the gun used for the three murders and the suicide was the same. Probably Pignani had hidden it and this morning he took it to break the lives of two children, Daniel Fusinati aged 10 and his little brother aged 5, and that of Salvatore Ranieri who was passing by on his bike.

The mother, as reported by Repubblica, explained that the son “had been unemployed for some time, he was alone, isolated. He had no friends and he didn’t care. ” The man, who lived with his mother, was not in charge of any mental health center, neither to that of Ardea, nor to a private practice. After shooting and killing three people, the 35-year-old returned to his home, barricaded himself in the house and remained there until the moment he decided to take his own life. The mother, on the other hand, came out of the house and was immediately protected by the carabinieri, with whom she tried to get in touch with Andrea by telephone, but without succeeding. The woman will certainly be heard again by the military in the next few hours, to help them understand what clicked in the mind of her son to lead him to make a similar gesture.

He had threatened his mother with a knife

At least according to what has been ascertained up to now, there would be no family ties between the murderer and his victims, and not even with Domenico, the father of the two children. Not even fights. The investigators would rather be thinking of a completely instinctive gesture, of a mentally unstable person who should have been on treatment. The only episode last year when the man had been subjected to Tso, Compulsory health treatment, for threatening the mother with a knife. The following day he had already been discharged from the hospital.


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