Altuna III gains a new hero called Elordi

Altuna III gains a new hero called Elordi

2023-05-01 10:11:13

If after the victory against Unai Laso someone was tempted to believe that this Manomanista was going to be a path of roses for Jokin Altuna, a week and a game have been enough to scare that idea away. Surely the Amezketarra himself was more aware than anyone of the difficulties involved in winning the txapela of txapelas. The public said goodbye to the two protagonists, the winner, Altuna III, and the hero of the afternoon, Elordi, acclaimed and whose name was chanted by his followers in the company of some supporters of other colors. They had just offered a vibrant match, with alternatives, strategy, tension and few long goals. Only five reached or exceeded ten ball hits. In the recent Laso-Altuna there were twelve, more than double despite playing nine less. These two different matches show what the modern one-on-one is like on the entire pitch. And by the way, they agree with those who have never lost faith in the religion of the Manomanista. Elordi, capable of overcoming a 14-8 run and a run of great play from the rival, put Altuna III against the ropes thanks to a reaction of the same caliber that allowed him to go into the mandatory second break three goals ahead, 15-18. He had made life difficult for the favorite – the real money offered at the start was from one hundred to twenty – and he was close to victory. Altuna III 22 Elordi 18 Game time: 55 minutes and 30 seconds. Good balls: 221. Goals for service: Altuna III, 3. Elordi, 2. Fouls for service: Altuna III, 1. Elordi, 0. Goals in play: Altuna III, 14. Elordi, 11. Goals lost: Altuna III , 4. Elordi, 5. Score: 0-3, 4-3, 4-4, 5-4, 5-8, 14-8, 14-11, 15-11, 15-18 and 22-18. Goals of ten or more balls: five (three for Altuna III and two for Elordi). Starting odds: 100 to 40 in favor of Altuna III. 20 to 100 below. Botilleros: Gorka Altuna advised his cousin Jokin and Garikoitz Txakartegi accompanied his nephew Aitor Elordi dressed in a shirt that bears the name of his pupil. Incidents: gala atmosphere and full technical at Astelena. 1,044 viewers. About thirty tickets remained at the box office. Hobbies delivered. “Jokin has come out like a bull from rest,” explained the current number one in the League of Ball-to-Hand Companies (LEP.M) ranking. «He has played life or death and everything has come out. This is how the great champions are in this type of situation. Back on the court, Altuna III subtracted Elordi’s serve, finally found the opportunity to go on to dominate unsuccessfully pursued for many minutes and crossed the ball to the left wall impossible to take it to good. With the serve in his power, the Amezketarra saw a dark room illuminated in which the Parejas champion striker operated the light switch. Altuna sped up. «I had realized that Elordi was placed behind and did not hurt him as much with his right foot, so in that final stretch, finally finding a ball that I did not have from the rest, I chose to look for the shot. I have also served better ». They only crossed 28 good balls in the last seven goals. Superb sotamano from Altuna A series of good serves gave him a direct goal and three chances that were used to perfection thanks to two left-footed shots and a left-footed one with a trademark effect, all three in kick-off actions. Elordi could not carry the last pitch with a good left foot, the one of tranquility for the winner and the one of sadness for a pelotari who basically leaves Astelena more reinforced than he entered. His price rises for the duel against Laso on Friday the 12th in Bilbao or on Saturday the 13th at the Labrit from which Darío’s opponent will come out in the semifinals. Baiko and Aspe close the calendar for the third day of the league today. The superb sotamano with which Jokin Altuna subtracted Elordi’s serve from the right with 4-4 would have bounced near the line of seven had it not been for the useless volley attempt by the Biscayan. It was the hit of the afternoon. No other like it had been seen in the eleven previous games of this edition, one of those that inhibit the opponent. It was not the case. In addition, the double manomanista champion of 2018 and 2021 committed a serve foul in the following action. “I knew that the match was difficult because I was facing one of the toughest opponents today,” acknowledged the winner. “Maybe I was in a hurry with my right foot and I lost control because I wanted to cross him to avoid his volley.” Elordi was surprised by being many pot serves. «Jokin turns his body so much that he sees you out of the corner of his eye. I am happy with how I have subtracted ». By the way, he puts the ball away with his right foot. He has made a lot of progress in that facet. Altuna will play the semifinals of the queen competition for the fourth consecutive year and alternate fifth, In addition, he has been among the best four in the last seven official competitions in the different modalities. Bomb-proof regularity. Altuna III celebrates the victory this Sunday. JM López The man from Amezketa finished well and decides this Monday if he plays on Wednesday Although Jokin Altuna finished the game well, without physical problems and with a pass to the semifinals in his pocket, he preferred to be cautious about his participation in the stellar couples of this Wednesday in Legazpi. “I have bumps on my fingers, but nothing major. In any case, I will wait a few hours to check how I am before confirming my participation in the Urbeltz festival ». If he gives the go-ahead, he will accompany Rezusta in front of Artola and Mariezkurrena II. The man from Amezketa has two weeks until his next Manomanista clash, which will be the inconsequential one against Elezkano II, already eliminated, on Friday the 12th at Bizkaia in Bilbao or on Saturday the 13th at the Labrit. And he opens a three-week hiatus until the semifinals, scheduled for the weekend of the 20th and 21st. Elordi also finished without hand problems.
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