always-on: What information will be displayed on the iPhone 14’s always-on display?

We know more about the popular always-on/always-on display of the iPhone 14. According to journalist Mark Gorman, users will be able to choose from a plethora of widgets to display on the smartphone screen when it is locked. To do this, Apple will integrate a new panel capable of going from 1 Hz to 120 Hz.

This is one of the biggest rumors about iPhone 14. The upcoming device will integrate the so-called On screen or Always On display, which will allow it to display certain information even when it is locked. A long-awaited feature by users, it is also available on Apple Watch Series 5.

As we explained before, this will be achieved by installing a new LTPO board, capable of going from 1Hz to 120Hz, where previous iPhones could only drop to 10Hz. As rumors indicate that iPhone 14 Pro And only Pro Max will be able to take advantage of it. Mark Gorman, the journalist at Bloomberg who unveiled the feature, outlines what we can find on this screen.

You will save a screen always-iPhone display many widgets

The journalist brings up the ability to add widgets such as weather, autonomy, calendar, planned events, or alarms. In addition, it will be possible to set an option that prevents sensitive information from being displayed on the screen when it is locked. Mark Horman also mentions a feature called Live Activities which will monitor running processes.

This includes deliveries, and sports scores, right from the lock screen. If we haven’t got any official info yet on the Always On screen, it looks like the latest beta version of iOS 16 indicates that it will be added on the iPhone 14. In fact, the operating system allows you to customize your lock screen in particular by changing the color and print of the clock.


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