Always writes correctly and without clichés

Always writes correctly and without clichés

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Eran Zahavi (Radad Jabara)

Eran Zahavi (Radad Jabara)

Eran Zehavi He is known as someone who is not afraid to express his views and has done so more than once in the past. Today (Friday), after the shocking attack in the Bekaa in which two young sisters were murdered by a terrorist and their mother was critically injured, a Maccabi Tel Aviv striker shared a poignant post on Instagram by social activist Ziv Shilon.

Shilon’s post reads: “I don’t have a generic response to write that will illustrate the pain. I just want to shout to every father in the world, if you saw your wife and two daughters murdered in front of your eyes. how would you feel Shout out to all the humanitarian floor rags in the shekel, where are you? But it won’t help, because in the end we only have ourselves. And us? Standing in front of a cruel and barbaric enemy, any attempt to paint him as humane and talkative is a sin against our right to exist.”

Eran Zahavi shared the post in his story and wrote: “Always writes the most correctly, without filters and clichés.” By the way, the one who also supported the post and shared it is the Hapoel Beer Sheva player, Rotem Hatuel. Standard Liège player, Osher David, posted a photo of the attack and wrote “had enough already”. the tennis girl Lina Glushko She also published a post about the attack and even tagged the model Bella Hadid, who is known for her hatred of Israel, and asked her “Why don’t you publish that too?”.

Eran Zahavi's post (Instagram)Eran Zahavi’s post (Instagram)
Lina Glushko's post (Instagram)Lina Glushko’s post (Instagram)

Dean David also expressed himself:

Dean David's post (Instagram)Dean David’s post (Instagram)

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