In Italy, over 1 million and 100 thousand people are affected by dementia, of which 60% from Alzheimer’s and 78% over the age of 80 and mostly women (ratio 2.4 to 12 men). In our country there are over 3.5 million3 caregivers who take care of people with dementia, mostly women.

Rapidly spreading diseases, not only in the world but also in Italy according to the latest available data: in the world every 3 seconds a person develops a form of dementia, over 55 million people live with dementia, in 2010 they were “only” 35.6 million, while the projections speak of 78 million by 2030 and 139 million by 20501. To date, moreover, only a quarter of the countries in the world have national policies or support plans and half of these are in Europe.

Korian, A leading European group in assistance and care services, on the occasion of Alzheimer’s month presents the first free webinar aimed at caregivers of people with dementia. The path structured in six thematic stages aims to equip caregivers with some essential tools to assist a person with dementia, or learn to identify those that may be the first signs of the onset of the disease.

“We are thrilled to make available to all caregivers this year the new digital and free format of ‘Alzheimer’s stop‘”, He declares Federico Guidoni, CEO of Korian Italy. “The Fermata Alzheimer tour in the last two years has toured Italy to raise awareness of dementia and provide caregivers with concrete support in dealing with them. This year we want to do more thanks to a thematic path structured around the know-how developed by Korian and its qualified partners. We want to let those who are faced with dementia know that they are not alone and that in Korian they can find concrete support to fight the sense of disorientation due to the first contact with these pathologies. In particular, Alzheimer’s disease, which is the most common, rapidly growing form and which contributes to 60-70% of dementia cases worldwide ”.

Alzheimer’s stop 2021 it is structured in six thematic webinars, held by Korian professionals and designed by integrating the “Positive Care” approach developed by Korian to answer all the possible questions of those who already face the disease, or have recently approached it.


How to recognize the first signs, which tests to carry out and who to contact in the initial phase of the disease, to better deal with the situation in the family.


The health emergency due to COVID-19 has often isolated caregivers, who have found themselves facing complex situations without proper assistance. It is important to feel good to feel good. A meeting to talk together about their emotions, fears and feelings in dealing with the invisible disease.


Alongside classic drug therapy, non-drug therapies can be useful for slowing cognitive and functional decline and controlling behavioral disorders. We will talk together about doll therapy, music therapy, pet therapy… to understand how it is possible to use them at home too.


Meal time can become a positive break or a stressful time for the caregiver and the person with Alzheimer’s. Let’s find out together some nutritional tips for a balanced diet and small tricks to promote well-being at the table.


The environment surrounding a person with Alzheimer’s can drastically affect their serenity and behavior: some simple instructions to recreate a comfortable, safe and familiar atmosphere.


A direct channel for dealing with those who personally and professionally take care of people with dementia, highlighting resources and strategies to be put in place to overcome the difficulties that may be encountered.

More information is available on the page From 22 September the new Korian portal will be active, from which it will be possible to participate for free in live streaming webinars or review them on demand, ask questions to our professionals and consult and download Korian materials and guides.

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