AMAZON SPEAKER | Amazon’s new (and controversial) speakerphone feature: You’ll be able to speak with the voice of a dead loved one

A boy falls asleep while listening to the voice of his deceased grandmother reading him a story. With this premise he has announced Amazon its latest addition: the option to put the voice of a deceased person on your Alexa speaker. In the demo, a child was saying to an Echo: “Alexa, can Grandma finish reading ‘The Wizard of Oz’ to me?”. And immediately the voice of the old woman began to tell the story.

Amazon held its annual conference on Wednesday and took the opportunity to present its most controversial function. The person in charge of development Rohit Prasad announced the arrival of a new assistant capable of imitating any type of voice with its voice synthesizer. “While we can’t ease the pain of loss, we can definitely make his memory last,” Prasad said. Amazon launches this function after the pandemic in which millions of people have died. Amazon’s new smart speakers don’t have an arrival date, but they’re almost a reality.

It is not the first technology that launches to “talk to the dead”. Microsoft introduced a chartbot in early 2021 that allowed you to chat with people who had died.

Undoubtedly, these types of devices bring a lot of controversy because there are those who believe that technology should not go beyond what limits.


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