Amazon’s Black Friday 2021 promotions are underway

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This year’s big sales campaign kicked off today (Thursday, November 25), when Amazon opened Black Friday sales for 2021. Some of the promotions of the various companies, as well as of Amazon itself, have already begun, and these are expected to continue until Saturday. , 27.11, at 10 am, when you will find a wide range of products at discounts, some of which will be offered for a very short time or for a limited stock.

Highlights for Black Friday 2021 promotions

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For Black Friday promotions in Israel For bug operations

For Black Friday promoters with express

Black Friday promotions are plentiful, and some stores in Israel also provide their own promotions to compete with Amazon during the promotion days, and it is recommended to make price comparisons for products before making any purchase:

  • Check the discount level as soon as it arrives – You can use tools like keepa plugin for browser or These tools look at the price history of different products so you can know where you stand in terms of the discounts offered on them.
  • Compare prices in the Israeli market Stores in Israel offer their own specials on products that are discounted on Amazon during Black Friday – worth comparing. Keep in mind that there are additional costs for ordering products from Amazon – shipping, extra VAT for certain products, etc. – always check the final price at the checkout.
  • Products that require VAT payment – Products at a price that exceeds $ 74.99 require a VAT payment of 17% according to Israeli law. Products shipped directly to Israel via Amazon will appear in their final price, ie – including the VAT surcharge and the shipping price. For products that are not shipped directly to Israel, used by third-party shipping companies such as Dilts, remember to calculate the VAT surcharge as part of the shipping costs.
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What do you do with products that are not shipped directly to Israel?

Some products are not available for direct delivery to Israel through Amazon, and for these you must use a third-party delivery service located in the United States that allows delivery to Israel. invoice Amazon Prime Will give you a choice of free shipping throughout the US during the sale days, so you can save on shipping within the US to a third-party shipping company and pay only for shipping to the country, but keep in mind that if you have already taken advantage of the “free” period that Amazon offers For past service, you will be asked to pay $ 12.99 for a monthly subscription to the service.

We have collected for you a number of promotions we found on Amazon in honor of Black Friday, we will continue to update this post as we find new promotions. In addition, we will send immediate updates on promotions through our telegram channel:

Discounts on products shipped directly to Israel

pay attention! Amazon provides Free shipping to Israel for a large basket of products with purchases over $ 49 – You will see a caption next to products that support free shipping on their product page (right next to the price)

Complementary computers and products (screens, drives, memories and more)

  • Up to 27% discount on storage products (hard drives, NAS, portable drives, SSDs, etc.) from the brands WD, Synology, Crucial, Lexar, Toshiba, SanDisk and more – click here
  • Up to 40% off SanDisk, Lexar and Transcend memory cards – click here
  • 20% off Samsung 980 PRO internal SSDs (starting at $ 170, before taxes) – click here
  • Discounts on Samsung T5 External SSDs – click here (For model T7 click here)
  • Up to 29% off Samsung memory cards – click here
  • Up to 44% off Samsung computers and Chromebooks – click here
  • Up to 15% off Seagate and Lacie external and internal hard drives – click here
  • Up to 14% off ACER screens – click here
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Gaming products

  • Up to 30% off ASUS gaming accessories (headphones, mice, keyboards) click here (For brand promotions in Israel, click here)
  • Up to 50% off HyperX gaming accessories (headphones, mice, keyboards) – click here (For brand promotions in Israel, click here)
  • Razer products at discounts of up to 60%: mice, headphones, keyboards and more for gamers – click here (For brand promotions in Israel, click here)
  • Up to 35% off Corsair gaming keyboards – click here (For brand promotions in Israel, click here)

Smart fitness watches and bracelets

Additional promotions

  • Up to 40% off Panasonic cameras – click here
  • Up to 37% off Braun and Gillette razors and razors – click here

Specials for individual products

  • SAMSUNG EVO Select 512GB memory card for $ 54.99 (approximately NIS 175, free shipping) – click here
  • WD_Black P10 disk with a capacity of 2TB for $ 69.99 (about NIS 221, free shipping) – click here. Our review drive here. – We will note that last year the price was $ 65, but in light of the fall in the dollar, the price is cheaper this year (221 NIS compared to about 250 NIS last year).
  • Internal SSD model SAMSUNG 970 EVO Plus M.2 NVMe with a volume of 2TB for $ 200 (about 780 NIS after VAT, free shipping). Price in Israel, starting from about 1,200 NIS.
  • 1TB portable external drive, model: SAMSUNG T5 Portable SSD 1TB Price: $ 110 (about NIS 440 after VAT, free shipping)
  • Western Digital 500GB internal WD_Black series SSD drive. Price: $ 70 (total about 222 NIS including free shipping)
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More promotions will be updated in this post later ..

* Some of the links that appear in the post are related to affiliate programs, for which we will receive a commission upon actual purchase. This commission does not increase the final cost of the products for you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


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