America: Alexa device saved the lives of six people by sounding an alarm! | Amazon Alexa Saves Family Of Six In Maryland, Alerts Them About House Fire

Currently, many people are using Alexa, Amazon’s smart speaker. This tool is used to play the desired song and listen to the desired story. A family in the US has survived thanks to Alexa, which acts like a small robot that does what it says. A family of six living in the Maryland area of ​​the United States was sleeping at night when the Alexa device suddenly sounded an alarm.

When they woke up, they saw smoke coming from a fire in the garage of their house. With Alexa’s warning sound, they extinguished the fire in its early stages and avoided a major fire. Speaking about this, Pete Pringer, a government spokesman from the area, said, “If Alexa had not sounded the alarm, the lives of six people would have been in great danger if the fire had spread in their sleep.”


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