America man lost his memory due to accident think he lives in 1993 | The question asked by the husband who lost his memory in the accident to his wife was a touching moment

Christy and Andrew McKenzie, a couple from Virginia, USA, survived an accident last year with serious injuries. The accident happened when a car that did not stop at the traffic signal hit them.

Both are thrown about 50 feet. They were brought to a nearby hospital with severe bleeding, lung and bone injuries in such a horrific accident. Their lives were saved after a serious operation.

Andrew wakes up 3 days after the accident. When he wakes up, he thinks he is in 1993. Due to the accident, he had amnesia and forgot his life for 29 years. Their own wife, daughter was reduced to a position he could not recognize.

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His wife Christy, who was injured in the accident, said, “He looked at me and said, ‘Where is my wife? Where is my wife?’ he asked. He thought I was a hospital worker.”

Also, doctors have told the family that they cannot be sure if Andrew will ever regain his memory. Subsequently, his wife, Christy, asked the hospital staff to keep her husband in her room. Because he thought it would help him regain his memory.

“He started asking me things and I was surprised. There were tears of joy and within 24 hours he was a new person. After 11 days in the hospital and treatment at a rehab center, the couple was able to walk.

They went on vacation with family to the beach in August. During that trip, Andrew once again asked his wife if she would marry him. Although he did not regain consciousness until the end, he took refuge in Christy, who cared for him after the accident, with love and affection. Congratulations are pouring in for this romantic couple.

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