America restricts the use of a famous vaccine for Corona .. the cause of dangerous blood clots

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America restricts the use of a famous vaccine for Corona .. the cause of dangerous blood clots

US health officials have placed strict restrictions on the use of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, after researchers discovered the risks of rare, but dangerous blood clots when using the vaccine.

For its part, the US Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, said that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should only be given to adults who cannot or will not accept a different vaccine from Covid.

For months, health officials in the United States have suggested that Americans get the Pfizer-Biontech, or Moderna, vaccine instead of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, according to “AP”, seen by “”.

The FDA’s head of vaccines, Dr. Peter Marks, said that the agency acted after examining data on the risk of life-threatening blood clots, as the Food and Drug Administration found that the risk was limited to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the first two weeks after vaccination.

“If you received the vaccine six months ago, you do not need to worry now and there is no threat of side effects from the vaccine,” Marks added.

The US Food and Drug Administration granted the Johnson & Johnson vaccine emergency use approval in February of last year for adults. The vaccine was considered an important tool in fighting the epidemic because it requires only one dose, but the single vaccine has proven to be less effective than the vaccine used by Pfizer and Moderna.

In December, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended the use of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines at the expense of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to safety issues.

As of mid-March, federal scientists have identified 60 cases of side effects, including 9 that have resulted in death.

Under new FDA orders, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can still be given to people who have had poor reactions to other Covid vaccines.

Symptoms of rare blood clots include a severe headache a week or two after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, as well as stomach pain and nausea.

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