American basketball players incur the wrath of China

People’s Daily explained everything

The People’s Daily in its article “Why did Daryl Morey of the Houston Rockets choose the wrong side on Hong Kong?” that is how Mori described the act. Public opinion in the West regarding the events in Xianggang (as the PRC calls Hong Kong, which has the status of a special administrative region) is misled, according to which the protesters have become “heroes of the resistance”, and those who maintain order are accused of “violent law enforcement”; Americans have a prejudice that “only the Western system is capable of running the state in the best way, the Chinese model is wrong”; and “figures from different spheres, including sports, enterprises or finance”, demonstrate falsity and hypocrisy: “They speak in words about democracy and freedom, but in fact they serve capitalism, therefore they act in accordance with the current situation”. The article concludes with the statement, “People like Mori who receive dividends from the Chinese market will not be successful in their attempts to undermine the foundations of the Chinese.”



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