Americans stopped buying apartments: this is the city that was hit the most

Interest rate increases and the rising inflation rate in the United States are hitting all markets in the United States. One of the most severely affected industries is the real estate industry. According to a market study conducted in the United States that examined the pace of apartment purchases in the 100 largest metro areas throughout the country, it appears that the city that was most affected by the difficult economic situation is Seattle. Las Vegas instead Second, followed by San Jose California.

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The study also shows that nine of the ten leading cities in the negative index are located on the west coast of the United States. Four of them are within California. North Port, Florida, is the only city on the East Coast that is in the top ten on the questionable list. Economists in the United States explain that the slowdown in home buying is a direct result of the rise in housing prices, the rise in mortgage interest rates and the very sharp rise in inflation.

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But not only the apartment buyers are affected, but also the home purchase platforms. Just this week it was reported that the American real estate platform Compass, founded by businessman Uri Alon, announced that it intends to come up with another cut plan. According to reports, the goal of the move is to reach an annual spending rate of approximately 1.1 billion dollars. It should be noted that at this stage the company did not specify the The number of those laid off, but the estimates are that it is about 500 workers who will join the 500 laid off from three months ago.


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