America’s Cup, Luna Rossa backs to the wall: New Zealand ahead 6-3

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Luna Rossa struggles but gives in to New Zealand, who wins the ninth rega of the America’s Cup and now leads 6-3. Kiwis are only one success after triumph. The wind-conditioned day in Auckland goes to file with just one challenge. The Italian boat interprets the race in a masterly way until the epilogue, when the Prada Team is betrayed by a wind shift. Luna Rossa remains ahead until the middle of the second upwind, when the New Zealand boat, taking advantage of a separation and a change of wind, takes off, turns the windward gate with an 18 second advantage and closes the race in the lead. The tenth race has been postponed. New Zealand, with a success tomorrow, can take the trophy.

“Perhaps one of the most beautiful races of the last 15 years of the America’s Cup. The boys were very good at the start to control, we kept them behind for four sides without ever giving up. After all we are in the final against a very strong team and I am very proud of the guys at sea and all the team, because today they did a space race. Obviously there is a bitter taste in the mouth because we lost, but we are still alive and tomorrow we go into the water to fight and we will give everything. It’s not over yet. ” , comments Max Sirena, skipper and team director of Luna Rossa.

“A race hard to digest – says the helmsman Francesco Bruni -. We raced very well in an impeccable way until the moment of overtaking, we had to make the decision whether to defend the left or go right, in hindsight perhaps it was a wrong choice. It was very hard to keep them behind, they certainly had an extra step, because whenever we could stretch we couldn’t detach ourselves and as soon as we gave them some space they left. ” “We have little remorse because the race was very well conducted, but we do not give up and we continue to do ours, analyzing where to improve to get back on the field with a great desire to do well”, he adds.

“It was a race with a very difficult wind. In my opinion, the guys had a fantastic race where Team New Zealand suffered our choices”, the words of Vasco Vascotto. “We led the game, giving match racing lessons, not only in the starts, but also on the race course. This must be our mentality, also tomorrow and to continue sailing with the same personality”.

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