America’s Cup: Luna Rossa dream, New Zealand on the ropes, is 3-3

Luna Rossa dominates the fifth regatta, the reigning champions of New Zealand immediately find the right wind and win the sixth. But the America’s Cup 2021 is more than ever in the balance and the dream of bringing it to Italy is becoming more concrete every day.

America’s Cup: Luna Rossa continues to amaze, with New Zealand being 3-3

LUNA ROSSA continues to amaze, Team New Zealand finds itself fighting. After six races, the America’s Cup final is at 3-3 and it goes on in the name of a balance that can be broken by a perfect or wrong start, but the Italian boat has once more confirmed to be fully up to the challenge, putting the New Zealand champions in crisis, beaten in the fifth regatta, the first of the third day of racing, but then able to react and win the sixth with detachment: 3-3 and everything still in play. “The level is so high that every slightest mistake costs dearly. Now we will analyze our performance and tomorrow we will be back on the water more determined than ever, we are at 3-3, we need to win 4 races to take the Cup home”. In the words of Max Sirena, skipper and team director of LUNA ROSSA Prada Pirelli, the Italian team that represents the Circolo della Vela Sicilia, all the pride and determination of a crew that plays on par with the Defender, also managing to put fear to New Zealanders.

In the first regatta of the third day of racing, the start with the wind at about 8 knots and LUNA ROSSA who immediately guessed the strategy with a perfect start, unlike the Kiwis in difficulty already at the beginning of the fifth race and for everyone the 29 minutes of a regatta that the Italian crew conducted in full control, with clean maneuvers and an advantage of 18 seconds at the finish line to reach 3-2. In race 6 the reaction of New Zealand who, albeit under pressure, did not do anything wrong in the pre-start phase. The Kiwis found the right rhythm, crossing the start line in speed, unlike LUNA ROSSA this time in difficulty and with a disadvantage of 51 seconds already at gate 1. Regatta without history dominated by the champions who finished with an advantage of 1’41 “.” We closed another very difficult day of competition perfectly, the strategy of the sixth race proved to be a winner “, commented Blair Tuke, flight controller of Emirates Team New Zealand, while helmsman Peter Burling after race-5 recognized the merits of LUNA ROSSA.

America’s Cup: Luna Rossa flies. Bruni, if I were New Zealand I’d be worried

“From what I have seen so far, if I were in New Zealand I would be worried. The winner will be whoever makes fewer mistakes, as often happens. Very high values ​​on the field and very similar boats. The men will make the difference”. Gabriele Bruni, Fiv technician and brother of Fracesco ‘Checco’ Bruni, one of the helmsmen of Luna Rossa, says this after another day of equality for the two teams. The first regatta was won by Luna Rossa “who pulled out a new layout at the start”, comments Gabriele: “Entering from the right, he maneuvered before New Zealand to take the left and perfectly managed the time and distance from the line” . Excellent speed throughout the race and point taken home. Different speech in regatta 2: “Bad start for Luna Rossa who after the positioning maneuver finds an area of ​​little wind and the boat is unable to stay on the foil, the entire last minute of the pre-start was characterized by the search for fly but unfortunately the boat does not fly and New Zealand accelerates much better and goes away. The regatta is lost at the start “. Gabriele Bruni concludes: “The boat is very competitive and Luna Rossa is certainly there. If I were in New Zealand I would be worried … Whoever gets to 7 wins wins. Come on Italy. Come on Luna Rossa”.


“We are essentially on a par with New Zealanders: you have to be lucky and hope that they make more mistakes than us, everything is played on a tightrope.” Giovanni Soldini, now sailing on his Maserati Multi 70 with which he will try to break the speed record on the route between Monaco and Porto Cervo, says this to, starting tonight. Also on board the first Italian winner of the Mini Transat, Ambrogio Beccaria. “We were able to see the races live on the mobile phone -says Soldini-, the first race was perfect for Luna Rossa, the second pity for the mistake at the start. When the New Zealanders, who are not the last idiots, start in front it’s hard : But the opposite is also true. In the end it is the sailors who make the difference, so as Max Sirena says ‘head down and pedal’. It would be fantastic to see the Cup in Italy “.

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