Ametrano, ‘Bitcoin is a safe haven and not a payment instrument: it is the new digital gold’

“In the United States, investment banks are now describing scenarios in which the price of Bitcoin could be between 150 and 400 thousand dollars by the end of the year”, values ​​that make current values ​​pale (around 55 thousand dollars), even if strong volatility is not excluded, with roller coaster trends as we have seen in recent years. Ferdinando Ametrano, one of the Italian ‘pioneers’ of cryptocurrency, underlines this to, recalling how “the process to focus on the value of a controversial asset like Bitcoin is controversial and therefore volatile “.” But the volatility – he explains – is comparable to that of Apple, Netflix, Amazon and Tesla, which are the best performing assets of the last ten years. Returns are always the remuneration of risks, it is clear that large financial returns must be linked to large volatility risks “.


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