Amit Segal: “An upside down world; how come Shikli was disqualified and she wasn’t?”

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News 12’s political commentator, Amit Segal, commented on the Election Commission’s decision to disqualify Amichai Shikli, and wondered why Knesset member Michal Shir was not disqualified.

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Segal first commented on Shikli’s disqualification and said: “The world is upside down: the only man who kept his party’s platform was announced as retiring.”

Segal then referred to the report according to which Michal Shir was shielded in Beish Atid as part of a deal with Yair Lapid, and wrote: “If Michal Shir, the heiress of both Jabotinsky and Berel, received shielding by virtue of a promise to betray her party and arrange for Lapid to become Prime Minister, how come she didn’t Maritzha and Shiki are disqualified, yes?”.

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As mentioned, News 12 reporter Dafna Lial reported this evening that on the eve of the dissolution of the government, before Bennett and Lapid dissolved the government in coordination, Lapid was looking for an MK from Bennett’s side to vote with Silman on the dissolution of the government, thereby guaranteeing Lapid’s tenure as prime minister of the transitional government.

According to a political source who spoke with Dafna Lial, Lapid and Michal Shir were coordinated on the matter, and agreed that if necessary she would vote for the dissolution of the Knesset, and in return she would arm Lapid’s party.

Yesh Atid did not comment on the nature of the claims and said: “Michal Shir is an excellent Knesset member, and her joining the Yesh Atid list makes us very happy.”

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