Amit Segal: The moment is near when it will be necessary to declare it fortified

Amit Segal: The moment is near when it will be necessary to declare it fortified

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Amit Segal: The moment is near when it will be necessary to declare it fortified

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In the shadow of the storm that arose this week following reports according to which Speaker Gali Beharev Miara is discussing the possibility of taking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to prison, political commentator Amit Segal is harsh on her and says that the moment is approaching when she will not be able to fulfill her role.

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In his weekly column in the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, Segal wrote: “Gali Beharev Miara, an unknown figure until a year ago, with particularly narrow shoulders and the absence of any hint of legal stature in her professional biography, was right this week to consider Benjamin Netanyahu’s deportation to Nazareth. They confirmed this to the journalists. Apparently she lacks not only constitutional experience but also a sense of irony.”

“Hasn’t it occurred to her that it’s a little strange to consider declaring bankruptcy due to a conflict of interest, when she herself is in a sharp conflict of interest?” Segal wondered. “After all, the government intends to split the position of the ombudsman and, according to the statements of some members of the coalition, also to get rid of her in the near future, as the Shamir-Peres government did to ombudsman Zamir.”

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Segal points out that “even Beharev Miara herself did not rule out a future discussion on the Nebtseret, she only clarified that so far no discussion has been held on the issue. The government’s authority to move the ombudsman is enshrined in law to an immeasurably greater extent than the ombudsman’s authority to move the government. The moment is approaching when it will be necessary to announce that she is prevented from fulfilling her role.”

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