Amit Shah called Nitish 2 days ago, he replied that he should not be afraid of anything; But Naisayang was left out, HomeAll IndiaNitish Kumar Told Amit Shah Not To Worry 2 Days Ago, Says BJP: 10 Facts Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar suspected RCP Singh of JDU who was a member of the Union Cabinet.

Amit Shah and Nitish Kumar

New Delhi: BJP in various states. The question raised after Nitish Kumar’s political drama is how the much-hyped Operation Tamara failed in Bihar this time. Even as a pre-prepared plan, Nitish Kumar implemented his plan in Bihar without any information coming out. Two days ago Union Home Minister Amit Shah had called Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. But the national media reports that this politician Chanakya gave the answer that he should not be afraid of anything.

Nitish Kumar has been in constant conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi for more than one and a half years. But no complaint has been made so far. Many BJP members think that Nitishkumar will be a burden to the front if he takes any stand for political survival. The leaders also warned the leadership in 2020 itself. He also suggested that he can compete alone. But BJP said that the party had too much confidence in him. Leader and Union Minister RK Singh responded.

Modi won in 2014, but Nitish Kumar asked if he will win in 2024 after swearing-in. BJP ousted Uddhav Thackeray from power by creating division within his own party. BJP has made Maharashtra government the controlling government. According to political sources, Nitish Kumar’s concern started from the time he was transferred.

R.C.P. of J.D.U., who was a member of the Union Cabinet. Nitish Kumar suspected Singh. RCP Singh had fallen out with Nitish Kumar when he was not given a second chance to the Rajya Sabha and recently resigned from the JDU following corruption allegations. R. C. P. Singh was appointed by BJP. Nitish Kumar is also said to have apprehensions that their Operation Tamara will be implemented in Bihar. With this, within hours of resigning, Nitish Kumar was urged to gather the opposition and reject the BJP to form a new government.

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