AMLO minimizes the disappearance of health NOMs

AMLO minimizes the disappearance of health NOMs

2023-06-07 00:00:13

  • The Standardization Committee of the Ministry of Health, chaired by Hugo López-Gatell, presented an initiative to cancel more than 30 NOMs that are directly related to the care of multiple diseases.
  • The Undersecretary of Health ensures that these documents are not required to offer comprehensive and quality medical care.
  • The purpose of the NOMs is to establish the characteristics that processes or services must meet when they may constitute a risk to the safety of people or harm human health.

One of the most relevant issues in recent days has been the proposal to eliminate 34 Official Mexican Standards (NOM) for health. Since then, a discussion has been generated about its impact and whether it is a wise decision or not. He even reached the highest authority in the country and without thinking he issued his position.

First of all it is necessary to offer a context. The Standardization Committee of the Ministry of Health (SSa), chaired by Hugo López-Gatell, was in charge of cancel more than 30 NOM that are directly related to the care of multiple diseases. It is not yet a definitive action but the request has already been made.

The foregoing, in relation to the publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF)this June 1, of the supplement to the National Quality Infrastructure Program 2023, for all standardizing authorities of the Federal Public Administration (APF).

AMLO supports the disappearance of the health NOMs

But now the conversation has reached the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Through his conference from the National Palace he made it clear that supports the decision of Dr. Hugo Lopez-Gatell.

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He even described as “rogues” those who oppose the disappearance of health NOMs. He also indicated that it is an issue where there is a leadership that only seeks to defend its economic interests.

“About the regulations, well, I assure you that people don’t even know, that is a matter of a leadership, of people who are involved in the drug trade, and who do not want there to be regulation, or that there be a lot of regulation according to what suits them.”

With this in mind, the president added that he would never approve a decision that put the well-being of the population at risk.

Around this point, within the NOMs that are proposed to be canceled there are several related to high-incidence diseases such as breast cancer.

List with some of the canceled health NOMs

  • NOM-014-SSA2-1994, For the prevention, treatment and control of cancer of the cervix and breast in primary care.
  • NOM-041-SSA2-2011 for the prevention, diagnosis, control treatment and epidemiological surveillance of breast cancer.
  • NOM-029-SSA3-2012 regulation of health services. For the practice of ophthalmic surgery with excimer laser.
  • NOM-014-SSA3-2013 for social food assistance to risk groups.
  • NOM-031-SSA3-2012 for social assistance. Provision of social assistance services to adults and older adults in situations of risk and vulnerability.
  • NOM-032-SSA3-2010, Social assistance. Provision of social assistance services for children and adolescents in situations of risk and vulnerability.
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