Amoeba infection that paralyzes the brain; The first victim of a frightening new disease…!

Amoeba infection that paralyzes the brain;  The first victim of a frightening new disease…!

In the 1960s, a new deadly virus was discovered in Australia. That is, the single-celled organism known as Nagellaria fowleri can paralyze the human brain and cause sudden death. Malcolm Floor, a medical specialist at the Adelaide Children’s Hospital in Australia, was the first to discover this disease. He also recorded the details of the effects it causes. This single-celled organism thrives in warm freshwater. This amoeba enters the human body by breathing and slowly enters the brain and causes damage.

If this disease infects, it will cause headache, fever, sneezing and vomiting. As the infection increases, severe headache, fever and vomiting will occur. The disease cannot be transmitted from one person to another. But the damage caused by this disease is very deadly, say medical and pathogen experts. South Korea has become the first victim of the deadly virus.

A 50-year-old citizen of that country returned to South Korea on the 10th after staying in Thailand for four months. The next day he developed fever and was admitted to the hospital. He died last Wednesday while undergoing intensive care. Doctors have confirmed through clinical tests that he has been infected with Nagellaria fowleri. The impact of this disease has been in the United States in 1937. But it is not classified as its type is not known.

According to a medical report published in 2018, it has been revealed that this pathogen has attacked 381 people in countries including India, Thailand, America, China and Japan. Of this, 154 people have been affected by this pathogen in the United States alone. Now, for the first time, the impact of this disease has been discovered in South Korea. Doctors warn that 97 percent death is certain if this disease strikes.

Doctors also advise to avoid bathing in lakes in areas where the virus is known to spread. It has been explained that this disease can easily attack during summer and drinking water does not cause disease attack.

Correspondent: Rosario Roy

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