Ampere Announces Smart Glasses With Smartphone Control

The startup Ampere has introduced Dusk smart glasses on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform, which can be controlled from a smartphone. The pre-order Ampere smart glasses will be $ 179 and $ 249, depending on the model, while Dusk should be available for sale at $ 269 and $ 399. The company plans to start supplying the accessory to customers in August 2021.

A special feature of the glasses are electrochromic lenses, the degree of transparency of which can be adjusted at the discretion of the wearer. There are three dimming modes, which you can switch between using the button on the bow, and using the smartphone app, you can flexibly adjust the level of transparency. Lens darkening, according to the developers, takes 0.1 seconds.

The basic version of Dusk glasses has only electrochromic lenses, while the more expensive version has speakers built into the arms, allowing you to listen to music or make calls via a smartphone tied to the accessory. It is stated that the development of Ampere can work with both Android devices and iPhones, and the voice assistants Google Assistant and Siri are supported.

The glasses received IP65 dust and moisture protection. The built-in battery allows you to work without recharging for up to 4 hours in music listening mode (the charging case increases autonomy up to 40 hours) or up to 7 days if you use only electrochromic lenses. The Dusk storage case has a standard mount for Apple’s AirTag.



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