Amul, Mother Dairy increased the price of milk Amul and Mother Dairy announcing a ₹ 2 raise in its prices

New Delhi: Amul and Mother Dairy have hiked milk prices. The price of milk has been hiked citing other expenses like milk purchase price, packaging, fuel etc. The new price day goes into effect on Wednesday.

Amul, a cooperative dairy company in Gujarat, has tens of thousands of farmers as members. Amul company procures milk from farmers, manufactures it into various dairy products and sells it domestically and exports to foreign countries. Amul, the most famous company across the country, has raised the price of milk and has shocked the common people.

According to the new price list, 500ml of Amul Gold Milk will now be sold at Rs.35, Amul Dasa at Rs.25 and Amul Shakti at Rs.28.

Mother Dairy Milk Price: Amul Pol Mother Dairy has also increased the prices of milk and milk-based products.

Mother Dairy Full Cream Milk will now be sold at Rs.61 per litre. Toned milk will be sold at Rs.51 per litre. Double toned milk will be sold at Rs.45. It has been announced that milk sold at milk booths will be sold at a price of Rs.48 per liter.


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