An additional 7 days of detention for Halil İbrahim Sarıçam, who stole 6,400 TL from the business where he worked in Nicosia

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2023-08-07 19:35:19

Police sergeant Mustafa Özmüezzin reported the facts about the suspect, who was brought to the Nicosia District Court.

Police said that the suspect, who was working as a distributor and marketer at a cosmetics business in Nicosia, was found on 2 August 2023. Kyrenia He said that he stole the 6 thousand 400 TL cash he received from the branch by not delivering it to the workplace.

The police announced that the suspect was taken into custody while trying to leave the country at Ercan Airport the previous day, following a complaint, and an investigation was launched.

Police sergeant Özmüezzin stated that during the search on the suspect, 2 thousand 455 TL cash was found and an indication was taken. Stating that the investigation continues and multi-faceted, Özmüezzin stated that the computers of the workplace will be examined and demanded an additional 7 days of detention against the suspect.

Judge Nil Elodie Çeliker, who evaluated the testimony given in the presence, approved the requested time.

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