An agreement was found for vaccinations on the farm. Here’s what it predicts – Vaccinations in the workplace are underway. The agreement signed between the social partners and the ministers Orlando and Speranza provides for vaccines to be administered to all workers regardless of the type of contract, with the support of company doctors and the Inail network.

Membership is voluntary. The costs of doctors and nurses will be borne by the company and the vaccines (and related syringes) will be borne by the state. Criminal liability lifted for any adverse events to the vaccine. If the vaccination is carried out during working hours, the time required is equated with working hours. Vaccination centers can be carried out in the company and through the employers’ or bilateral organizations.

The agreement reached on Tuesday evening also made it possible to update the security protocol of 14 March 2020 (revised on 24 April); in particular, it has been indicated that to return to work after infection, a negative molecular or antigenic swab is required, which can also be done in a health facility accredited or authorized by the health service. Confirmed the principle according to which the failure to implement the Protocol determines the suspension of the activity until the security conditions are restored.



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