An alliance for the new building in Berlin is not enough

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Berlin – Of course, it is good when the Berlin state government talks to the players from the construction and housing industry in order to get closer to the goal of increasing the supply of inexpensive apartments. An alliance for new buildings, as has now been proposed by the Berlin real estate industry, can certainly create the framework for understanding. It doesn’t really matter whether such an alliance has already been agreed, as the Senator for Urban Development Sebastian Scheel has explained, or whether it has yet to be agreed, as the letter from the real estate industry suggests. The main thing is that both sides get into conversation. Because that was what was lacking recently.

One thing should be clear: there cannot be an alliance in Berlin just for new buildings, which is only about quotas for social housing, privately financed accommodation and condominiums. It makes sense to set goals for yourself, such as determining the proportion of social housing in large construction projects, as has been the case in the past. But beyond that, responsible urban developers can be expected to commit to social cohesion. So that they avoid everything that leads to the tenants being overburdened financially and displacing them. On the other hand, moderate rental growth should be acceptable as long as it serves to keep homes in good condition.

What is just as important: the processes in the authorities must be put to the test. It is not acceptable if builders who already have a building permit, depending on the district, have to wait months for a permit to set up the construction site, as the construction community criticizes. Berlin has to get faster here.

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