An anti-Semitic video was shown on the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

An anti-Semitic video was shown on the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam

The Dutch police opened an investigation after an anti-Semitic video was shown at Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam for several minutes promoting, among other things, a conspiracy theory, according to which the Jewish girl did not write the diary she signed.

The screening of the video became known to the Anne Frank Museum after photos documenting the act were published on a channel in the Telegram application. The museum reported this to the police.

The Anne Frank Museum, which is responsible for preserving the house where the girl and her family hid, announced that along with the anti-Semitic video, the inscription “Anne Frank, Inventor of the Ballpoint Pen” was projected on the exterior wall of the house to express the conspiracy theory.

The museum, which receives about a million visitors a year, was in contact with the city council and the public prosecution following the incident. “It happened this week, we received an update and we are investigating it,” confirmed a spokesman for the Amsterdam police but refused to give further details.

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, wrote on Twitter: “There is no place for anti-Semitism in our country. We must not accept it, and we will never accept it.”

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