An App to better manage periodic fever syndromes

In the periodic fever syndromes, a subgroup of the larger family of genetic autoinflammatory diseases, inflammation most often presents as sudden fever and is associated with various other symptoms. It usually disappears on its own after its onset, even without any treatment. Today, thanks to a new App it is possible to better manage symptoms and evolution of the disease.

The Application, baptized “myFever”, Is a real one digital diary able to support the management of periodic fever syndrome by patients and their families, but which also improves doctor-patient communication. “Designed and built in co-design, an innovative method that involved patients and doctors with the aim of capturing the real-life needs of patients and their families, the app is a simple and tailor-made solution for patients and for their families “.

Fabrizio De Benedetti, director of the rheumatology department at the Bambino Gesù Pediatric Hospital in Rome, in an interview published on the Aleati per la Salute website (, the portal dedicated to medical-scientific information created by Novartis, underlines the importance of the app that can be downloaded on smartphones. “A very useful tool both for the patient and for the family members because it is a continuous support in the monitoring process of one’s health status” says De Benedetti.

“Thanks to the app, the patient can record the characteristics of the febrile episodes, the associated symptoms and the therapy administered, but also report the taking of one or more therapies – continues De Benedetti -. The system also promotes continuity of care because it allows you to set up reminder alerts for taking therapies, medical or laboratory / instrumental checks “. Then there is another important feature that makes this application particularly useful for patients as it simplifies practical but necessary issues, such as “sharing information on the disease also to non-specialist personnel, for example for the school / teachers and / or for your GP or pediatrician”, Observes the professor.

The digitization of the patient’s clinical and therapeutic data, made possible by the app, provides the physician with a rational summary of the progress of the disease. “In the patient’s diary, the clinician can view the episodes of the patient’s illness in a precise and detailed manner, but also the symptoms associated with the episodes (headache, nausea, abdominal pain, mouth ulcers, etc.) – highlights De Benedetti -. The system also allows you to check the therapy taken by the patient and any clinical response with the added value of viewing the periodic statistics for monitoring the control of the disease “.

Among the services of “myFever” there is also a list of specialized clinical centers, for pediatric and adult patients, throughout the Italian territory. The expert’s intervention is available on:


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