An ARGENTINA asked some AMERICANS if they knew Lionel Messi and the answers MISSED her

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2023-07-22 12:48:34

An Argentine tiktoker who lives in the United States interviewed some locals and asked them if they knew who Lionel Messi was and what they thought about his arrival at Inter Miami, but the answers threw her off.

Mariana ended up completely outraged by the result of her survey and shared the video on her TikTok account.

under the user @mariana.kida, uploaded the clip to the platform and it went viral. The influencer asked four different people if they knew the 10 of the Argentine National Team. The influencer was very excited at first but she ended up frustrated by the responses she received.

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Mariana ended up frustrated that no American knew Lionel Messi. (Video: TikTok/@mariana.kida)

First, he asked a girl but she said no. Mariana explained who she was, but the American retorted that she had no idea about soccer.

Later, he consulted a couple but they also told him that they did not know who he was. The man even confused him with the Argentine tennis player Alberto Mancini.

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Third, he surveyed a teenager but again received a negative response. Finally, she asked another man, who replied that he didn’t watch ‘soccer’. The publication had more than 750,000 views and 61,000 “likes.” “Don’t you know Messi?” He wrote in the description of the clip.

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