An attempt to place one of Qatar’s stadiums in Sakhnin

Qatar invested 222 billion dollars in hosting the 2022 World Cup, a large share was invested in the construction of state-of-the-art stadiums, most of which will be moved after the tournament to other countries, but one of them may end up in the Holy Land. The Sport Channel has learned that one of the stadiums may land in Israel, with Sakhnin being a candidate to receive it.

These are preliminary explorations, when in order to implement this huge move, the municipality will have to find a suitable area. For years, the Bnei Sakhnin complained that a new stadium should be built in the city, and the salvation may come precisely from Qatar, which in the past donated to the club and the local “Doha” stadium.

The stadiums in Qatar were built in advance knowing that they would be transferred to other countries, as there is no need for all the pitches that are expected to become white elephants. For the people of Sakhnin, the municipality of Sakhnin and the surrounding area may be a huge “chopper”, since the entire north is not filled with new stadiums.

An official from the cave told the sports channel in detail: “There are such attempts, but the road is long. If this happens, it is great news for the city of Sakhnin and for sports in Israel.”


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