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I don’t know whether everyone is a traditional handbook school or an electronic notebook school, or how are you used to taking notes when you are in class or in a meeting?Today I’m going to share a note-taking software “Bear”, which can help you plan the big and small things in your life if you use it well. Let’s take a look at the highlights and features of Bear

Bear currently only supports macOS, iPadOS and iOS, and currently has a high rating of 4.7 in the App Store.Its interface is very simple, and its operation is very intuitive. One of the biggest highlights is that you can add “tags” in the notebook, allowing you to quickly organize large and small things, projects, unfinished or ongoing pending clear classification

Next, let’s take a quick look at Bear’s interface and the commonly used tags in it. It’s similar to the built-in memo in macOS. When adding a new note, you can put a title on the top first. Just the title can choose to have a level, Level two, level three, or just don’t add a title. In Bear, you can use half-width punctuation marks to add grammar and make the whole note more organized, for example:

Bold → **type the text you want**
Highlighter → ::Type the text you want to type::
Italics → *type the text you want*
Bottom line → ~type the text you want~
divider → —————————-
TODO → – [ 打上你想打的待辦事項 ]

In fact, the syntax of the above points can be found on the official website of Bear. Before using it, don’t forget to go to “Settings” >> “General” to enable “Markdown Compatibility Mode”

If you apply the above grammar to your notes, you can see at a glance the progress of the project or work, and what needs to be done this week

The interface is simple, and you can freely add any tags to note on the notes. These are the two main features of Bear in my opinion. After putting any complicated things on it, it seems to become less scary. Secretly said that Haruko, the media director, is a fan of Bear, and I only know about this app because of Haruko!If you are interested in using Mac, you can try it


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