An electric SUV with a modular interior, the new Nissan ‘concept’

An electric SUV with a modular interior, the new Nissan ‘concept’

2023-10-03 12:39:37

The era of electrification has made concept cars different. Yes, they are still extravagant designs that inform the direction a brand intends to take in its future models, but the focus has changed, going from exclusivity and extreme performance to practical and ingenious solutions.

In the case of Nissan, its most recent concept is an electric SUV with angular lines called Hyper Urban, which although it is a digital model – another of the advantages of modern automotive – it intends to present at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Possibly the most interesting idea that the Hyper Urban introduces is its conception with residual value in mind from the beginning. “Hardware upgrades to the vehicle would provide a new ownership experience for many years to come. The interior can be renewed with a new instrument panel that reflects the latest technologies and trends in graphic interfaces,” the company states.

Inside, the front seats can be folded to become a sofa – another trend in concept cars: turning the car into a relaxation space, because brands know that it is an environment where many hours are spent. .

Nissan Hyper Urban.


Other innovative ideas that Nissan presents with the Hyper Urban are solutions such as the ability to connect the vehicle to the home network (V2H) and thus achieve significant energy cost savings.

In addition, they could also introduce the connection of the car to the electrical grid (V2G), to function as a generator in case of emergency, or even as an additional source of income.

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According to Nissan, “the intelligent charging management system features AI that can charge vehicles and power buildings autonomously, providing efficient energy management.”

The Hyper Urban is the first of the concepts that Nissan will present before the Tokyo Motor Show, with other dates set for its successors on October 10, 17 and 19. The Japanese auto show will open its doors on October 25.

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