an ex-suitor turned farmer, summary

an ex-suitor turned farmer, summary

LOVE IS IN THE MEADOW. M6 broadcast the first part of the portraits of Love is in the meadow. Viewers were able to (re) get to know Julien, Guillaume’s suitor in 2015.

This Monday, January 30, 2023, M6 broadcast the first part of the portraits of Love is in the meadow. In the cast of this season 18, Julien, a dairy cow breeder in Burgundy-Franche-Comté who has already participated in season 10 as a suitor for Guillaume, the show’s first homosexual farmer. Unfortunately, after inviting him to the farm, Guillaume finally decided to give up the adventure. Eight years later, it is therefore still with the hope of finding the man of his dreams that Julien is trying his luck again, this time as a farmer.

It was love that pushed this 42-year-old agricultural engineer to become a farmer late in life, since in 2017 he took over the farm of his in-laws with his companion at the time. Passionate about his work, he became its sole owner after his separation a year and a half ago. Although Julien is very sure of himself professionally, he can’t hold back his tears when it comes to discussing his personal life: “I don’t have confidence in myself because I think he there are many more beautiful than me, much more interesting than me… what I miss is being important for someone”, he declares with great emotion. Disappointed with short-lived encounters, Julien signed up for Love is in the meadow in order to live a fusional relationship with a man who is both dynamic and soothing.

At the same time, viewers of Love is in the meadow were able to discover, among other things, the portrait of Romeo, a 46-year-old hay farmer. After a serious accident and several months of rehabilitation, this collector car enthusiast no longer sees life the same way. Positive and sociable, Romeo is looking for the partner who will be able to restore his confidence and share his plans for life together. For the rest, the portrait of Christine, 60, was also released this Monday, January 30. This breeder of dogs and cats describing herself as rough and atypical is ready to open a new chapter in her life after the failure of a passionate relationship for which she had left everything. Will his approach bear fruit? While waiting to find out more, find the rest of the portraits on Monday February 6 on M6.


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