An expert from the Pentagon revealed: “An alien ship is watching us from the solar system”

An expert from the Pentagon revealed: “An alien ship is watching us from the solar system”

Just a few weeks ago, Steven Spielberg, the Hollywood director behind the blockbusters IT and Close Encounters Of Third Kind, said that he believes aliens exist. He also claimed that the US government is hiding information about UFO sightings, and added: “I don’t believe we are alone in the universe.”

While his words were met with much skepticism, a new draft of an article written by a Harvard University scientist and the head of the Pentagon’s UFO office suggests that Spielberg may be looking into the facts himself. According to the researcher, an alien spacecraft may be “hovering around our solar system and sending tiny instruments.” The so-called ‘dandelion flowers’ are in the form of small spaceships, and this is to receive and transmit information”, this is similar to the way humans send a spaceship into outer space in order to explore planets.

Avraham Love, an astronomer at Harvard University, and Sean M. Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s All Areas Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) released the draft that focuses on the physical constraints of unidentified aerial phenomena. They explained that extraterrestrials may be exploring our area using what they call “dandelion seeds.” In July 2022, NASA developed a sophisticated system (ARRO) designed to track celestial objects underwater or in space, or even those capable of moving from one dimension to another. In the US Congress, NASA was tasked with locating at least 90 percent of these objects that pass near the globe the country and their length is greater than 140 meters.

The means by which these objects can be discovered is the Pan-STARRS telescope. In October 2017, the telescope detected an unidentified intruder that was nicknamed “Umoamua”, when quite a few researchers believed that it was an artificial object. At the National Space Agency, they feared the intrusion of small objects similar to “Omoamua” because the sophisticated telescope had a very difficult time identifying them.

The sophisticated telescopes find it very difficult to identify them (Photo: EngImage)

The sophisticated telescopes find it very difficult to identify them (Photo: EngImage)

In a draft paper published in livescience magazine, Love and Kirkpatrick looked at Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs, the government’s preferred term for UFOs) as they are limited by the physics known to mankind. The authors suggest that the Hillel probes could reach Earth for research purposes without being detected by astronomers, because they would likely be too small to return enough sunlight to detect with survey telescopes. “All of these spies could be equipped with a high-area-to-mass parachute and thus slow their entry into the Earth’s atmosphere to avoid burning up and then pursue their targets wherever they land “, They wrote.

Aliens are likely to want to explore rocky planets with atmospheres in the Solar System, the authors suggest. From afar – Venus, Earth and Mars all look attractive, with Earth likely to be of greatest interest to them once the aliens find evidence of liquid water here. The alien civilization that created these probes would not even need to be on the mother ship and it is unlikely that they would even be able to communicate with the probes.

Additionally, they note that the alien civilization may not even exist anymore. Most of the stars in the solar system were formed billions of years before the sun. A habitable planet with intelligent life could have sent these spy tools to perform the tests long before Earth was formed – and they may have been destroyed by then.


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