An expert spoke about the dangers of “quick” porridge in bags

An expert spoke about the dangers of “quick” porridge in bags

2023-09-19 10:51:00

Nutritionist Michael Mosley has warned that porridge in bags, which are poured with boiling water to cook, does more harm than good.

As Day.Az reports with reference to Lenta.Ru, his opinion is quoted by the Daily Mirror.

According to Mosley, one serving of instant cereal contains on average 3 tablespoons of sugar, and some have as much as 16 grams. The nutritionist is convinced that this is not the only example where not the healthiest food seems healthy. “In a world where food manufacturers have clever marketing and no scientific data to back up their claims, it is often difficult to understand what’s healthy on supermarket shelves,” says Mosley.

The nutritionist cited the example of low-fat dairy products, which he said often have huge amounts of sugar added to them to mask the bad taste. In addition, the specialist noted that products artificially devoid of fat often lose their beneficial properties.

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