An expression of inner joy is the family – Pope

The happiness of the family is expressed as a gift from God as an expression of gratitude. – Rev

Marina Raj – Vatican

Pope Francis has said that family life consists of joy, pain and hardship, but there is an intrinsic joy in being together as a family, and the voice of the organization working for this is the voice of action.

The Pope said this while addressing around 300 members of the Italian Family Associations in the Vatican’s St. Clementina Room on Friday, December 2.

The Holy Father also said that the family’s happiness is manifested as a gift from God as an expression of gratitude, despite the events happening in the family, joy, sorrow and sorrow.

The Holy Father asked the founders that families are a place of happiness where they give thanks to God, ancestors and parents, and to stay in this happiness, they should use a stable model, and not try to follow the models of the world, but try to progress daily with simplicity and service.

Emphasizing that a family based on love should grow as close as his family, in what happens outside the home and in caring and paying attention to the well-being of others, the Pope said that this kind of relationship will enable us to welcome and support others.

Saying that living as a family is a life of witness and a place that creates us to work with dedication, the Pope asked spouses to take time to have conversations with each other and children, go to church as a family, and live.


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