an iceberg as big as the province of has broken off

an iceberg as big as the province of has broken off
Of Paolo Virtuani

The first fractures noticed 10 years ago, for scientists not due to climate change. Meanwhile, the oldest Italian-led ice drilling has reached a depth of 808 meters

And iceberg with an area as large as the entire province of Milan (about 1,550 square kilometers) detached from the frozen platform of theAntarctica. He announced it on Monday British Antarctic Servicespecifying that the detachment is not a consequence of climate change, even if global warming is increasing the disappearance of polar ice.

The detachment

The detachment from the 150m high wall of the frozen platform (ice shelf) Brunt, about ten years after scientists noticed the first fractures that then led to complete division. The event was therefore expected and follows other detachments that have occurred in recent years, such as for example from the Larsen-C platform in July 2017 which generated the A-68 iceberg, as large as Liguria.

The drilling reached 808 meters

Meanwhile, the drilling season of Beyond Epica, the project coordinated by the Institute of Polar Sciences of the National Research Council (Cnr), to collect and study the oldest ice preserved in the heart of the South Pole and from there to trace the climate of 1.5 million years ago. This year a depth of 808.47 meters was reached, as communicated by the researchers themselves on Twitter. The researchers point out that there is still a lot of work to be done at Little Dome C: closing the camp is always a long process and will take several days. They will be back to work again for another couple of seasons to reach the final goal at a depth of 2,700 meters.

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