An imaginary design for the Playstation 6 console.. Discover the new developments

An imaginary design for the Playstation 6 console.. Discover the new developments
Although Sony has officially stated that the PlayStation 6 gaming platform is expected to be released in 2027, an enthusiastic designer imagines what the console will look like.

The PlayStation 6 is designed as Sony’s next generation gaming console. And just like its predecessor, it is expected to be the most popular gaming console in the world. However, its design feels like a detour after the PlayStation 5’s widely discussed organic design.

The PlayStation 6’s design takes the same approach as the vertical console, but instead, it has an imposing “skyscraper-inspired” design that looks like it could easily be part of a futuristic city skyline. Straight lines, incredibly broad curves and distinctive blue lighting define the PlayStation 6 concept design, bringing together the best of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 3 into one beautiful package.

The top features a boat-shaped design, which works very well in creating the illusion of slimness. And there are wedges on both the front and the back, mimicking the MacBook Air-ish approach to softness, while also showing a great deal of where air flows in and out.

Similarities to the PlayStation 5 are found in the presence of distinct panels on the left and right, and the color scheme (particularly the blue lighting). And just like the PlayStation 5, the panels cover the electrical appliances and provide distinctive openings for air intake and exhaust, helping to keep the console cool. Hidden LED lights within the panels create an inner glow that makes the PS6 come alive. The designers even suggest a smartphone app so they can change the lighting as a gamer-friendly custom RGB feature.

Other details include the iconic styling fascia that runs along the center edge of the console. These fun details give the PlayStation 6 a simple, lively feel.
The same edge includes the PlayStation 6 ports. Although the idea of ​​this console is controversial at first, it does not contain any of the traditional ports, such as HDMI and Ethernet inputs. Instead, the PlayStation has 3 USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports that support power, data, and video at 40Gbps.

The next-gen console comes in a pure silver and glossy gray finish, along with a smartphone app that enables gaming with built-in RGB lighting. Although it’s an imagined concept, this design is a fun way to imagine what the next console will look like, according to Yanko Design.


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