An incredible goalkeeper error prevents Espanyol’s first win at home

  • Álvaro Fernández gives a point to Valencia in the last breath after a brilliant comeback from the parakeet team

There is no way. When Espanyol’s first victory at home seemed closer, another unfortunate action sank the parakeets (2-2). The blue and white team had done the most difficult thing by overcome the goal of Valencia thanks to the talent of Joselu and Darder, that left very close a success that was not finished. In a crazy ending, with one expulsion per sidea pumped ball of Generous without any danger he ended up sneaking into the goal of Alvaro to the desperation of 20,000 parakeets who attended the RCDE Stadium.

The final image of the blue and white goal apologizing to the fans sums it up. He had already failed Saint Sebastian in defeat against Real, but the one sung this Sunday was very hard. In the last breath, all the work of a meeting that brought together the signs of identity that accompany the parakeet feeling collapsed. Heart, courage, suffering and misfortune were mixed to end with some tables that know very little.

back and forth shock

Diego Martínez bet from the start for Calero on the right sidethe most problematic position due to the casualties of Oscar Gil and Ruben Sanchez. Aware of that lack, Gattuso he loaded his team’s play on the left. With the tandem formed by Gayà and Samuel Lino, Valencia destroyed that lane. Espanyol was lucky to save the arreón of the visiting team, which could advance at least in three occasions in the first quarter of an hour: Cavani narrowly missed a center from the international left-back (m. 9), Álvaro saved the goal from Lino (d. 10) and the Uruguayan He finished high after another good action by the Brazilian winger (m. 13).

With 2-1 and one more, victory was closer than ever, but Espanyol insisted on complicating life

Solved that agony, it was the turn of Braithwaitewho starred in the first local opportunity with a hard shot repelled by Mamardashvili (d. 16). Samuel Lino continued to do damage in a back and forth crash with too many spaces that did not favor Espanyol. Darder He tried to lower the revolutions with his usual criteria and the game reached the break more balanced than at the beginning.

Gabriel Paulista header

The parakeet painting returned from the locker room with Aleix Vidal instead of Puado in a second part that started more stuck. When everything seemed more even, one of the evils of the team broke into this course. Gabriel Paulista grew larger than Vini Souza and put Valencia ahead with a lethal header. It was him fifth goal that fit Espanyol to stopped ball in this league. Far from sinking, Espanyol pulled their most decisive player to put the tables thanks to a Joselu’s precious shot (m. 56).

That goal from the Galician striker gave wings to the Catalan team, who lived their best minutes after the tie. Braithwaite ran into the goal on a good occasion that ended with a chopped shot from Darder to the crossbar. Gattuso tried to stop the local avalanche with a triple change with Cavani, far from his best level, among the sacrificed. The sensations were good in the premises and the new captain He was in charge of certifying the comeback with one of his classic drives sealed with a shot that surprised Mamardashvili (m. 83).

“It’s frustrating not to take the three points for an action in 95 that wasn’t even a shot. What football has taken from us today has to be returned to us in the future”

Diego Martínez / Espanyol coach

Braithwaite’s expulsion

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The party got even more face to face with the absurd expulsion of Marcos André (m. 85). Con 2-1 and one morevictory was closer than ever, but Espanyol insisted on complicating life, first with the roja de Braithwaite by a assault on Thierry as unnecessary as the previous one by the Valencian player and later with Álvaro’s appearance on the scene.

The exporter of Huesca he was about to gobble up a shot Nico (m. 94) who ended up saving on the line. Shortly thereafter, the tragedy. Cömert put a ball into the area as best he could, Álvaro thought it was going wide and the ball ended up lodged in the net. Incredible.

Spanish, 2; Valencia, 2

ESPANYOL: Alvaro (3); Calero (4), Sergi Gómez (5), Cabrera (5), Brian Oliván (6); Edu Expósito (5), Vini Souza (4), Puado (5), Darder (7), Braithwaite (4); Joselu (8). Coach: Diego Martínez (5). Substitutions: Aleix Vidal (5) for Puado (m. 46); Keidi Bare (5) by Edu Expósito (m. 62); Nico Melamed (5) by Calero (m. 73); Simo (sc) by Darder (m. 87); Pol Lozano (sc) by Vini Souza (d. 87).

VALENCIA: Mamardashvili (5); Thierry (5), Diakhaby (6), Gabriel Paulista (7), Gayà (7); Almeida (5), William (5), Ilaix Moriba (5); Castillo (4), Cavani (4), Samuel Flax (8). Coach: Gennaro Gattuso (5). Substitutions: Kluivert (6) for Castillejo (m. 46); Nico (6) by Almeida (m. 73); Mark Andrew (3) for Cavani (m. 73); Cömert (6) by Paulist (m. 73); Hugo Duro (sc) by Ilaix Moriba (d. 84).

GOALS: 0-1 (m. 53), Gabriel Paulista; 1-1 (m. 56), Joselu; 2-1 (d. 83), Darder; 2-2 (d. 95), Comert.

ROJAS: Marcós André (m. 85), Braithwaite (m. 91).


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