An indictment has been filed against the CEO of Ortam Sahar for two offenses of fraud and production of trust

The Tax and Economics Prosecutor’s Office filed an indictment today (Thursday) in the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court against Amir Nahum, former controlling shareholder and CEO of the public company Ortam Sahar, for two fraud and breach of trust charges in the corporation. The indictment was filed , According to which Nahum will confess in the indictment and the parties will jointly petition for a sentence of 6 months imprisonment for execution by way of service work, a fine of NIS 250,000 and a suspended sentence, at the discretion of a court. Ortam Sahar was a public company that engaged in the initiation and execution of contracting work in the field of real estate.

According to the indictment, Amir Nahum, who was the controlling owner at the time and served as the company’s director and CEO, initiated a meeting in 2013 with the owner of a company that provided services to Ortam Sahar as a subcontractor, and asked him to transfer NIS 1.6 million to a private company owned by Nahum. , In connection with projects belonging to Ortam Sahar. To this end, Nahum promised that the same supplier would enjoy additional enjoyment as part of his business relationship with Ortam Sahar. The supplier complied with Nahum’s request and transferred to the account of his private company the amount he requested.

In addition, as part of a contract with another supplier, Nahum did not disclose to the public company a transfer of NIS 50,000 discount money, to which the public company was entitled, from the supplier’s account to their private Ortam account. According to the indictment, in both cases Personal gain and thus violated his obligations to the company. The case was investigated by the Intelligence and Trade Control Department of the Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Investigations Assessing Officer.

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