An individual enters the Elysée, while Emmanuel Macron is present

An intruder at the Élysée. Le Canard enchaîné reports in its edition this Wednesday that a man was arrested on September 28 when he managed to get inside the palace of the presidency, in the 8th arrondissement, without having been arrested. by anyone. According to the newspaper, the individual – totally unknown to the police – took advantage of the changing of the guard to sneak through the west door of the Élysée Palace, cross the Cour d’honneur (the same one through which ministers pass). when they come to the Élysée) then climb the front steps before entering.

It was only once in the vestibule that he was arrested by a bailiff, even though Emmanuel Macron was chairing a Defense and National Security Council at that time, specifies Le Canard enchaîné. The individual was taken to the 16th arrondissement police station where instructions were given, the newspaper continues, to “deal with the case with the greatest discretion”.

So what could have happened? Le Canard enchaîné reminds us that 141 gendarmes take turns, day and night, to protect the palace. An internal investigation has been set up. According to his first conclusions, reported by the newspaper, the culprits “turned their backs at the wrong time”.

“It’s for work”

BFMTV, which indicates this Wednesday evening to have consulted the minutes of the hearing of the intruder, gives details. The individual, 27 years old and graduate of a double Master’s degree, explained that he had gone to the Élysée to apply “for a job as a lawyer or for managerial functions”. “I was not aware of the criminal nature of my gesture,” he assured.

The Lyonnais, who thought “it would be (…) better to present himself in person to show (s) his human qualities”, spotted an open door through which people entered “freely”. “They were all in civilian clothes, from there I followed two people,” he told the judicial police officer.

During his journey in the Elysée, he claims to have met “the gaze of a gendarme”, before spotting “two chefs, four or five Republican guards and the butler”. “I would like to meet the President. It’s for work,” he reportedly told them. Once security was notified, the man, who said he had “presented himself really in good faith” and without “any political demands”, was taken to the police station.

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation, before closing it without further action after judging the prosecution inappropriate, further specifies BFMTV.


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