An innovation laboratory in the field of cyber protection for the financial sector was launched in Be’er Sheva

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The National Cyber ​​System, in collaboration with the Innovation Authority and the Cyber ​​Emergency and Security Division of the Ministry of Finance, launched an innovation laboratory for the Pinsk field last week (Finsec) In the high-tech park in Be’er Sheva. The laboratory was established by the international corporations MasterCard and ENEL X – which won a tender from the Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Finance and the cyber system – and will be operated by them in order to develop cyber protection solutions for the financial field.

The Innovation Lab will mainly deal with the areas of cyber protection of financial technologies such as digital banking, with the aim of connecting the specialization and uniqueness of the State of Israel in cyber solutions to the challenges of financial systems known to global companies. The laboratory will make the expertise and infrastructure of the global corporations accessible, combining the experience gained in the national cyber system for entrepreneurs and local and Israeli companies, in order to develop technology in a way that will suit the global competitive market.

Five startups have already started operating as part of the lab: Imvision, which helps enterprise security teams adapt their application security strategy to the API architecture; Rescana, which wants to improve the way risk and security managers connect risks to business goals; Mirovia Security, which developed a browser agent to block phishing attempts; Connected Insurance, which develops dedicated insurance platforms; And Kenbi, whose model allows for the approval of hitherto denied online transactions. These companies were selected from over 100 who applied.

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The national cyber system will accompany the projects that will be developed in the laboratory and will contribute the knowledge accumulated from the cyber events in Israel and around the world. The system will make information and attack scenarios accessible in favor of developing protection solutions to emerging threats, resulting from accelerated digitization of financial systems. Companies and startups will be able to submit projects that will be tested in the laboratory in collaboration with the National Cyber ​​Network and the Ministry of Finance. The voice calling for project submission is published on the lab website. As part of this, the state will finance 85% of the costs of each project, while the product of the projects will belong to the companies.

“The main goal of the lab is to establish strategic relationships and collaborations between start-ups and international organizations. In this way, we can enable real innovation while creating value for key communities in Israel and around the world,” said Sydney Gottesman, CEO of Innovation Lab.

According to Yigal Ona, Head of the National Cyber ​​Department, “This is the first time that a financial company of this magnitude is coming to the high-tech park in Be’er Sheva and the ambition is to attract more international financial companies and start-ups in the cyber and fintech companies.” .

Dror Bin, CEO of the Innovation Authority, adds: “Cyber ​​defense in the financial field is of great importance in light of the cyber challenges we face these days. As part of its activities, the laboratory will make unique infrastructure, knowledge and experience accumulated in the field that combines fintech and cyber in Israel and Be’er Sheva in particular, for the benefit of entrepreneurs and start-ups in order to increase financial market strength in Israel, create international leadership, and encourage growth and competition in the local financial market. .

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