An Israeli lawyer arrested in Belarus; Her brother: “Held in terrible conditions”

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Israeli lawyer Maya Wrighten Stoll has been detained in Belarus for about three weeks. This is due to the possession of about 2.5 grams of medical cannabis, according to law enforcement officials in the country. Her brother, Yoni Reitan, spoke today (Tuesday) with Ben Caspit and Aryeh Eldad on 103FM and said that “Maya has been there for almost a month without contact with the family, the only contact is with the Belarusian lawyer. An Israeli lawyer is not allowed to visit.”

What the case in Turkey has in common is that they are innocent. Maya holds a license for cannabis, I do not believe she knew the cannabis was in her possession because otherwise she would have gone through the human route and she was on her way to a business meeting with her client, a day-to-day trip. “Maya suffers from a lot of diseases, including ADHD, and two pills of Attent were found in her.

“She is being held in horrible conditions, her children are in a very difficult mental state, she is a single mother, my parents are not young – we are a shattered family. The penalty for such an offense is between 3-7 years, lawyers call me and want to close with me until three.”

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Her brother also noted that they are in continuous contact with the Foreign Ministry as well. “The office works a lot behind the scenes, we talked to the president’s office, everyone works and it is familiar to everyone. So far there is no result, I pray every day that someone wakes up in Belarus and understands that Maya is not a drug dealer and has no criminal purpose but to treat a client and return to life in the country. A day for good news, I spent ten nights there, “he concluded.

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Michal Kadosh, 103fm


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