An Odum in the lake… Odum… This is the first movie that paid homage to love…!

An Odum in the lake… Odum… This is the first movie that paid homage to love…!

Tell the village that love has no eyes and nose. True love comes regardless of caste and religion. That kind of love will win. In that order comes a love that transcends not only caste and religion but also age.

This movie is what it does. First of all, the title of this film is the first respect to be given to this. Let’s see about this…

The first honor of Bharathiraja’s ripe army has come with the earthy smell of the village. This is the story of this movie.

The hero of this story is a man in his 50s who lives with village soil and human qualities. The town respects him. Bows down.

By chance he marries a woman who is pregnant by another man and gives her life. But his wife did not respect him.

She treats the daughter born to her as her daughter and brings her up. He experiences his life as hell and is unable to tell his grievances to anyone.

In this situation, a rowing lower caste girl comes springing into his life. Her kind and loving speech gives him comfort.

Both of them become close friends. The villagers see this and assume that the two are related. His wife says the same.

Muthal Mariyathai 2

But he didn’t care about all that. He could not tell whether it was love, affection or love for her. Once Amayya disgustedly says in front of her relatives that I have kept her…enough.

But the young runner has her life on him. She also realizes that it is love.

Meanwhile, the police arrest her and take her away, claiming that she has committed a murder.

It is revealed that she became a murderer to protect the elder’s family honor. The man who caused the elder’s wife to become pregnant comes to the young woman’s side after serving a long prison sentence.

He asks about her and the child born to him. Odakari thinks that if he is left in the town, it will be a shame for the elder and his family.


So she beats him to death with a paddle. She is serving a prison sentence. A murderous young woman to save her family’s honor rises above the elder’s mind.

The old man spends his time in the hut where she lived in her last years. Eventually, as he is fighting for his life, Odakari comes to see him on parole. He dies in her lap.

1985 director Imayam Bharathiraja’s masterpiece. From the youths to the elders of that time, they listened to the songs and dialogues of this film with penance. It will be such a blissful experience. Sivaji, Radha, Sathyaraj, Vadikukarasi, Deepan, Janakaraj, Ranjan have played many roles.

Radhika played the background voice for Radha in this film. Shivaji came as a hillbilly and settled in his mind like a mountain. Vadiukkarasi, who is playing the role of Ponnathal, has taken the pedal off.

Ilayaraja’s music gives life to the film. The songs are the same. Anda Nilavathan, Parketa Dharuma, Vedti Veru Vasam, A Kuruvi, Rasave Onna Nambi, Ae Kliiku, Upadata Malai Mela, Nan Thane Andhakkuil are featured in the movie.

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