An open final in the best possible setting

An open final in the best possible setting

“It is the best shovel day of the year in which we all want to be.” Iker Gordon, the best Urrezko Pala Pro pelotari so far, has no doubts. The defender from Sopelana and Fusto will face Gaubeka and Urrutia on Saturday (4:00 p.m.) in the Mungia final, whose pediment is very likely to be full given the large number of spectators that it has registered throughout the tournament.

Two veteran and seasoned forwards, and two bodyguards eager to debut their record in this championship, star in an open summit clash after going through different paths to access it. Those who will wear blue have been the most regular in a competition in which they have played each game with a different teammate, and have finished first in their respective demarcations. Armintza’s men had to sweat a lot more and achieved their qualification in the last breath in the day that closed the league.

“I hope to go out and enjoy as before and get along well with my partner, because that will be the key if we want to win,” added Gordon. So far he has managed to feel comfortable on the court and the brilliance of his right hand has done the rest. “I have to give him speed and Fusto, with his prodigious left foot, attack.”

The Argentine is also aware that they need to take the initiative “so we will have to look for the wall so that our rivals are not comfortable”, he pointed out. They have played two games together in this championship and the compensation achieved gives them “confidence”, but they know that to overcome their rivals “we will have to work hard”.

“Sparks fly”

Gaubeka and Urrutia arrive after overcoming moments of great tension that they were able to resolve in their favor. It will be the first time that Armintza’s men play together in this championship «but we know each other well, so there will be no problem. You have to add up and come out focused, ”the striker stressed. The ‘rooster’ is measured again to the Argentine in the happy pictures. A classic. “Whenever we play against each other, sparks fly, but we will try to do our best to see if we put on a good show,” he highlighted.

They will charge the long boxes and look for Gordon’s left foot. “Being a long fronton, the goal is behind,” added Urrutia. But they will also have to manage other aspects of the crash to be able to raise their arms. In the selection of material held this morning, both combinations have chosen similar balls. Those of the colorados are somewhat more lively, “but the material will not be an excuse”, they have agreed.


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