Ana Belén and Antonio Resines win the Silver Frames

actress and singer Ana Belén has shone tonight with the tribute in the Fotogramas de Plata, in which Pedro Almodóvar has also been awarded for ‘Parallel mothers’, and some absent Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem for best actors for their work this year.

The artist, castiza from the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés, who since her first film ‘Zampo and I’ (Luis Lucia, 1966) has been an essential face of cinema, theater and television, receiving the award from the director and friend Manuel Gómez Pereira before an audience of the Joy Eslava Theater that cheered and applauded her.

“You pay me this tribute because I’m older, huh”, joked the actress who has dedicated the award to “each and every one of the collaborators, journalists and critics” that Fotogramas magazine has had throughout these years: “All those people made us fly and believe in our profession,” she pointed out .

Likewise, the interpreter has also dedicated the award to all those young people who are just starting out in the profession: “What a shitty sector we are leaving you with! I am very sorry, you are going to have to fight a lot. This profession is long and makes us live other lives. Dear young people, it’s for you”, he concluded his speech.

Another of the most special moments of the night was the award ceremony for Best Movie Actress, an award given by the actor Antonio Resines who returned to the scene after spending almost two months hospitalized for coronavirus. All attendees have risen from their seats to give the renowned actor a standing ovation.

The award went to the actress Penélope Cruz, who did not attend the 72 edition of the Silver Frames, whose readers have chosen her as the best film actress for her role in “Madres Paralelas”, for which she was also nominated for the Goya and the Oscars.

Almodóvar has been in charge of picking it up on his behalf and has read a message from the actress: “I’m very sorry I can’t be there. I want to thank the readers who have voted for me and this wonderful magazine. I want to share the award with the rest of the cast, who are wonderful; and with Pedro, to whom I will never be able to find the words that reflect the infinite gratitude that I feel. Thank you for your teachings, I adore you.”

The director would go up a short time later to pick up the award for Best Spanish Film according to readers, which he would share with his entire cast. “The girls are spectacular, but Israel Elejalde… is great,” he sentenced.

Another of the night’s absences was that of Javier Bardem, who won the award for Best Film Actor for his role in ‘The good boss’, and has made an appearance through a video on the screen of the small room.

“Thank you for the award that I receive with great affection and humility. I want to share it with Fernando León who has created the miracle of the ‘Good patron’ and with the entire film team, because when you surround yourself with a wonderful group that does things well, it is very difficult to do things wrong”, he thanked.

The night began with two sure prizes: the Best Spanish Film according to critics for ‘Sacred Spirit’, the daring debut feature by Chema García Ibarra; and Best Foreign Film “First Cow”, the western by Kelly Reichardt that reflects on friendship and the genesis of capitalism.

Toni Acosta served as mistress of ceremonies putting the comic point to the gala. In the television category, the winner of the night was ‘The Money Heist’, which has won the award for Best Series and Best Actress for the performance of Nawja Nimri, who has shared the award with the public “Because it deserves it”.

For his part, a joker Javier Cámara won Best Actor for his role in ‘Come on John’ who has cheered: ‘It’s great that Antonio Resines is here! How handsome you are!’

As for theater, the winners of the night were Juan Diego Botto for ‘A moonless night’, who has denounced what is happening in Ukraine and has encouraged to fight “from the word against fanaticism”; and Alba Flores for ‘Scock 2, the storm and the war’, who did not think she had won the award.

“I am very proud to make a play, plays that do more than entertain, try to make people think and inspire a better world that is sorely lacking. Culture is to open the imagination”, it affected.


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