Análisis de Mechs V Kaijus

Análisis de Mechs V Kaijus

2023-09-29 10:00:00

Become a general thanks to Mechs v Kaijus

The invasion on Earth is an imminent problem! Thousands of creatures enter the big cities, spreading panic among the humble citizens. What do I say thousands? Millions of beasts with the sole objective of destroying everything in their path! Luckily we have the appropriate technology, heavy artillery and command skills that will allow us to keep these bugs at bay. It is time to prepare our defenses. It’s time for Mechs V Kaijus.

War… war never changes

Doble Punch Games With Jandusoft They invite us to live a proposal tower defense intense, very intense. We will have to manage actions on the battlefield, while in moments of rest we will improve our machines in the way we consider appropriate for our style of play. A very interesting combination of mechanics that we will detail below.

Mechs V Kaijus wants us to suffer with each wave that the phase offers us. Initially, we will have three huge mechs at our disposal with which we will have to defend our position. That’s only at the beginning of the adventure, since With the money we earn we can invest in improving our machines, pilots or even create new weapons or defense systems. An enormous array of options that, despite being overwhelming at first, are then understood quickly and intuitively.

Godzilla’s Relatives

We will be the commanders at the foot of each mission. Although we will be in charge of managing the defenses and placing them where we consider important, we will also be able to control the shots of our mechs. A series of actions that, at first, may be easy to perform… but the problem comes when hours and hordes of Kaijus tackle the phase. There comes a time when If you don’t manage your strategies well, the screen will be full of enemies. And in most cases this leads to defeat if we do not know very well what to do.

Testing the 5 senses

And the main problem with Mechs V Kaijus lies at that point. Sometimes it is not so much about looking for the “what to do”, but rather the “how to do it”. And I explain myself. Already in the third phase we will notice that our defenses are not enough and that we will survive the hordes very justly. From there, if we do not improve our mechs well and equip ourselves with better weapons, we are lost… And the only way to get more money is to repeat the phases. It is true that they are not very long screens, but we will always have that obligation to stop in its story mode to continue unlocking the skill trees.

Good pixel-art shows

Of course, if we manage to connect with their game routine (with their pluses and minuses as I mentioned), everything becomes an intense spectacle of particles and enemies on the screen. The weapons that we will unlock are great. From lasers that fry bugs, small drones, mechanical saws on the ground… a whole show that we will have to reorganize on the battlefield. Even at a certain point in the adventure We can make our mechas jump off the wall and engage in a “you-to-you” fight against the beasts.

If to all the movement of bullets, attacks and “spitting” of the adversaries, we add actions that occur on the stage punctually, then we already reach a state where we fully immerse ourselves in Mechs V Kaijus. Fighting in a fighter plane, watching buildings collapse in the middle of a horde, and even seeing the behavior of civilians fleeing from disaster is really cool. And when a huge Kaiju appears that raises the challenge, that’s when we enter a state of total connection with the game. And the fine pixel art it has helps a lot to savor each confrontation and enjoy everything that happens on the screen.

Mechs V Kaijus Conclusion

Double Punch Games and Jandusoft want us to experience a tower defense challenging and push us to the limit. The Kaijus do not forgive, and will be able to come in hundreds to devastate everything they catch. Luckily for us, we will have the most advanced defenses, as well as some fuses capable of frying bugs in seconds with their firepower. Despite that, we will have to manage “our cards” if we do not want to be devastated.

Without a doubt, those who love the genre will enjoy all the virtues that Mechs V Kaijus has. The beginnings are hard with so many options, but once we perfectly control our actions, everything becomes a spectacle. It’s a shame that sometimes you have to “farm” a little money on already surpassed levels to improve your skills, but other than that, this is a title that is greatly enjoyed in long and short gaming sessions. Ready for the challenge?

Mechs V Kaijus



An intense tower defense A multitude of options to face the combats Aesthetically it is very beautiful


At first you get lost with so many options Sometimes you have to repeat levels to improve your defenses and mecha Shooting with mecha is not as pleasant as managing resources on the battlefield
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