Analysts reported an increase in the number of New Year’s corporate events in 2021

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The number of New Year’s corporate events in 2021 will be only 20% less than in 2019, Kommersant reported, citing a study by Aeroclub Tour. The head of the Republic Free event agency, Yuri Miroshnikov, estimated the lag from the 2019 level at 30-40%. In 2020, more than 60% of companies refused corporate events for the New Year.

Aeroclub Tour said that a year ago the companies that decided to hold the events did it online. In 2021, the share of such companies decreased to 5%. Miroshnikov noted that about half of the organizations have chosen a hybrid format for corporate events: employees vaccinated and recovered from COVID-19 will gather at the site, and the rest will connect online.

According to the results of the study, half of companies will hold corporate events in their offices – before the pandemic, 40% of organizations did this. The average corporate party budget has decreased by 15% compared to costs before the pandemic, to 4-5 million rubles, due to a decrease in the number of participants.

Aeroclub Tour noted that all events are planned for December. Before the pandemic, some companies held corporate events in January to save money, but this year there has been no significant price hike in December.

Andrei Cherepanov, COO of Catery food delivery service, said that the demand for catering in offices has reached 2019 levels.The planning horizon for corporate events has decreased: before the pandemic, they began to be ordered in October, now – in mid-November. Aeroclub Tour clarified that MICE agencies provide companies with more flexible conditions: now companies will be able to fully refund money in 15-20 days in case of refusal from the corporate party, in case of imposition of restrictions – in three to four days. Previously, this could be done a month or two before the corporate party.

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